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Goodbye Expanders, Hello Implants

  This is a big week for me. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I will have my tissue expanders replaced with silicone implants. The plastic surgeon says it’s an easier surgery than the bilateral mastectomy I had in April. One hour versus four hours, and the recovery is...

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One good thing about my breast cancer

  I found out I had breast cancer almost a year ago -- on October 24, 2013 -- so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’ve been reflecting on everything that happened during the past 12 months, and how my life was different at this time last year. Without a...

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4 Things I Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer Treatment

  After my first meeting with the breast surgeon, I met with an oncologist to discuss a treatment plan. It was information overload! Cancer is like a parallel universe -- a whole other world with it’s own language and unfamiliar concepts. I had to quickly assimilate...

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What happens after a breast cancer diagnosis?

  After lots of crying and wondering how the hell this ever happened to you, you regain just enough composure to assemble your entourage of doctors. Most people will need a surgeon and an oncologist. If you require radiation, you will also see a radiation...

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What To Expect During a Breast Biopsy

From my breast biopsy onward, I have encountered medical procedures and terminology that I was unfamiliar with. Sometimes the unknown is the scariest part, so I created this post to demystify the breast biopsy. Most women would be alarmed if told that a suspicious...

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Sh*t, I have breast cancer

Three days after my biopsy, the Breast Care nurse called me. She asked if I had a minute to talk, and right away I suspected the news wouldn’t be good. If it were good news, she would’ve just said that they didn’t find anything, she’d wish me a happy day, and I’d get...

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About Me

Hi! I’m Judet. Happily married and mother of two awesome boys. I love Cuban coffee, strawberries, DIY anything, and working out. Not a fan of spicy foods, traffic, hot flashes, or hard-boiled eggs. This is where I blog about my cancer experience and share ideas for coping, finding personal strength and ditching fear for fun! Read more >>

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